Cloud Farmer App Due for Launch...

Cloud Farmer App Due for Launch...

15 August 2016 by Paula Barrington

Throw away your soggy farm notebook, because from Monday 19th September the Cloud Farmer app will be here!

What is it?

  • Mobile companion app for AgRecord’s Cloud Farmer software.
  • The most farmer friendly solution for recording information on the go
  • Capture information with the click of a button
  • Works online or offline.
  • Information entered onto phone will automatically sync with your main Cloud Farmer system.
  • With Cloud Farmer mobile you still have the flexibility to personalise your system to your farm.

How does it work?

  • Purpose is for collecting information on the go – same as you previously used your notebook.
  • The phone is a collection device and your main Cloud Farmer system is where the data gets collated and stored.
  • The app is controlled by your desktop version, so any changes you make on your main Cloud Farmer system will automatically show on your app.
  • Through the app you can collect information on the go, even if you’re on the back boundary with no reception
  • Data then automatically synchronises back to your main Cloud Farmer system once you get back into wifi or mobile reception.

What do I need?

For the desktop version you need a computer or a tablet.  To run the app you need a smart phone.  Just any of the mainstream android or iphones will do.  Thinking of buying one but want to know it’s compatible?  Give us a ring and check

So how easy is it?

We had two key requirements when planning the app: speed and ease of use.  We wanted an impatient farmer who had just got their first smart phone to be able to use the app when out the back of beyond.  And you know what?  We  think we hit the nail on the head.

Do I have to be a sheep and beef farmer?

Nope!  They are our target market however we also have dairy clients plus the versatility of the system means that you could personalise it to your building company, vet clinic, retail shop – or anywhere else you want an easy way of collecting storing and sharing information

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