Important notice for all users of the app:

06 April 2017 by Gretchen King

An updated version of the Cloud Farmer mobile app iOS version 1.8 and Android version 1.0.1 is now available. Your app should update automatically on your device depending on your phone settings and network connections. 

To check if the update is successful, please visit the App store for iOS and Google Play store for Android. If you see the button "OPEN" next to the app, your app update has been successful. If you see "UPDATE", then you need to click it to update your app manually. If for some reason it is not showing in your updates list, please search for Cloud Farmer and then update or open.

Please remember that any information you enter into the app will not be saved until your app has been updated, hence it is important to check this has happened.  Please advise your whole team in case they haven’t seen this message.  If you do not use the app, then you do not need to take any further action

Please don't hesitate to contact Gretchen on 021 668 970 if you have any queries.

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