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“We were recently audited by MPI. Due to having Cloud Farmer the process was so easy. In fact the auditor was so impressed by how quick and easy it was to have such detailed and accurate information at your fingertips that they were off to tell other farmers about it!”

Paul Nation

Willowbank Farm, Wellington

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It needs to be quick and easy if I’m going to use it fully, and it is. If I can use it, anyone can.

Willie Falloon

Pinebank Waigroup Angus , Wairarapa

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"AgRecord is an essential everyday tool I use at Papanui. It is my one stop shop to record stock movements, animal health records and a useful diary that all the team can access so they are fully aware of the weeks ahead. Credit to AgRecord for finding a solution to the market need."

Sam Hurley

Papanui Station, Taihape

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"Cloud Farmer adds value to my manager role by having all the information in one spot and simple and easy to use. The APP particularly saves me time by enabling information to be added while on job rather than computer at night."

Joe Schaw

Farm Manager, Glenorchy LP, Hawke's Bay

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"We have been using Agrecord for the last 7 months. It has simplified the exchange of information between the manager, supervisor, owner, and accountant by having it all in one common place where everyone can access it at any time, and know what is happening on farm. It has eliminated the need to have folders full of kill sheets, ASD forms and records as now it is all stored in the cloud."

James Brennan

Farm Manager, Ora Station, Southern Hawke's Bay

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It was marvellous. The stock reconciliation for the last financial year was the fastest I’ve done in 15 years.

Sandra Faulkner

Wairakaia Station, Wairoa

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"For us we get enormous value from Cloud Farmer's ability to hold a huge amount of information in one spot and ensure the flow of info between staff is happening"

Paul Sherwood

Otamauri Station, Hawke's Bay

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This is an initial, one off system cost and includes assisting you to tailor Cloud Farmer to your farm's requirements and any phone training required.

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Please note that the subscription fee is per account, not per property. The subscription fee includes regular software and capability upgrades, newsletters, phone support and the hosting of your system on a secure server

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For corporate rates, or any pricing queries please contact Gretchen on 021 668 970 or gretchen@agrecord.co.nz. All prices are NZD ex GST