Cloud Farmer an Integral Part of Kereru Farm

Cloud Farmer an Integral Part of Kereru Farm

09 September 2020 by Laura

The dog eating the shepherd’s notebook (true story) was the last straw. Simon was over notebooks going through the wash, handwriting he couldn’t read, forgotten notebooks and loose bits of paper. He wanted something that replaced the notebook, but was smarter and less destructible. “We made the move to Cloud Farmer a couple of years ago and haven’t looked back. We have zero notebooks on farm and it’s bloody brilliant.” says Simon.

The Right Solution

When looking at options to replace the notebook Simon and Trudy considered FarmIQ, but decided it was too focused on analysis and they already had FARMAX for that. “We wanted something simple that would allow us to record all of our day-to-day info. Cloud Farmer does everything we need and doesn’t cost a fortune.”

Time Saver

Simon and Trudy have found Cloud Farmer to be a real time saver. The planner in Cloud Farmer has been invaluable. “Most Sundays I have the whole week planned out, then at our Monday morning meeting we can quickly run through what’s on for the week.” The whole team can see what the plan is for the week no matter where they are. The planner helps you plan ahead and allows everyone to be on the same page.

Come audit time Simon isn’t having to stress and spend time getting all of his records in order. It’s all right there in Cloud Farmer because they’ve been recording as they go. “The biggest thing Cloud Farmer is really good for is Farm Assurance. I just open the computer and it’s all there, real information! Not information I had to scramble around to find the morning of the audit.” says Simon.


Simon and the team are diligent at filling out the diary, “we keep a really good diary in Cloud Farmer, for me that’s the most important part. The staff keep really good records in the diary that we can all look back on. They can also see what I’ve done, which makes them more involved and allows them think one step ahead and a level above.”

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