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It seems that there's never a dull moment here at AgRecord. Below are some articles about some of the clever and interesting stuff that our team and our clients have been getting up to. Just click on 'Read More' to see the full article. And don't forget that you can also follow us on Facebook.

Beef & Lamb Health & Safety

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Beef + Lamb have recently launched the B+LNZ Farm Safety Support Programme. It includes plans and procedures you can customise to create a Safety Management System for your farm, workshops, information on updates to regulations and stories about lessons learnt.  Gretchen was lucky enough to attend one of their pilot workshops and it was great – practical, non-scaremongering, designed in conjunction with Worksafe, and best of all FREE!  The resources are great, but we&rs...

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Bendigo Station

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New users this week include John Perriam and the team at Bendigo Station, Cromwell.  As well as gaining infamy for one seriously wooly sheep (Shrek), they’re also known for their savvy approach to business.  They have shown that with some vision, determination and some seriously bold decisions it’s possible to turn a rabbit strewn, rocky outcrop of dirt in Central Otago into a dynamic,  multi-faceted business.  These days they’re a family of entrepreneurs an...

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