Anywhere, Anytime

Anywhere, Anytime

The Cloud Farmer mobile app is designed to work like your farm notebook. Use it for collecting information on the go, even when you're out of wifi or mobile coverage. Jot down tallies, staff hours, drench records, log hazards you name it. It's just as quick as writing it in your old trusty notebook.

Store And Share

Store And Share

The data from your app syncs back to your main Cloud Farmer desktop system. Originally based on the Collins farm diary, the information is stored here in a format that makes it easy to view or export. Some clients like to do everything from the desktop version, whereas others prefer to use the app for data entry and the desktop to review historical data and manage information.

Make It Work For You

Make It Work For You

You can customise your Cloud Farmer to suit your requirements - edit settings, add columns or even new pages, export information, embed spreadsheets and lots of other 'clever' stuff. We know only too well that no two farms are the same, so unlike other software companies we let you run your business the way you want to - quirks and all.

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Key Benefits

Find out how Cloud Farmer can add value to your operation


Meeting compliance requirements is easy when it’s this simple to record information on the go. Making life easy for you, your Asure Quality auditor and your meat company.

Health & Safety

Health & Safety becomes a live, integral part of your business when you host it on Cloud Farmer. Have your H&S system at your finger tips, as opposed to stored away in a folder. Ooh, and did we mention itís FREE!


The timesheet means itís easy to keep track of casualís hours, or to ensure your junior shepherd isnít slipping below minimum wage. Also means you donít have those horror stories of ex-employees producing false records and demanding overtime ďsupposedlyĒ owed!


When itís this simple, thereís no excuses not to use it. If you can check the metservice on your computer or send a text, then you can use Cloud Farmer.


Build up a history over time, and watch Cloud Farmer become part of your intellectual property. Whether itís making that transition easier for new staff, providing your farm history as part of the sale of your farm, or you have stakeholders who are interested in whatís happening on farm.

Team Environment

Foster a positive team environment. The transparency and accountability that results from using Cloud Farmer means that everyone feels like theyíre an integral part of the team. And when youíve got to put your name beside it you tend to make sure that talley is correct!

Key Features

Below are some of the key features of Cloud Farmer, but donít forget that the ability to customise your system and even add your own pages means it does this and a whole lot more!

Health & Safety

Your system comes complete with the full Beef & Lamb H&S system (the only one created in conjunction with Work Safe). Or we can show you how to put your own system on there.

Stock Recording

Sales and Purchases, Stock Records & Treatments, Cropping and Chemical Application etc. Plus you can attach kill sheets, ASD forms & weigh files all at the touch of a button


Experience that warm, fuzzy feeling of knowing you're on top of your game by planning ahead. Weekly planner, notices, jobs list Ė it's all there!


Whether they're casuals or permanent employers, they can enter their start & end time via the app or computer. No more chasing staff for their hours.


Fill in the farm diary daily, just like you did with your old Collins diary. The great thing is that everyone fills it in and itís kept in a central location for everyone to see. Also makes it easy to search for stuff in future.

Embed Documents

That super complex excel spreadsheet you love, youtube clips on essentials like how to replace the bearings on your trailer, images like your ear mark colours and years, or just copies of your monthly report.